Finished the set

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I wanted to make a hat/sock set for some friends of ours who are expecting a little boy. Although I posted the hat the other day (a simple pattern I just made up), I had trouble finding a sock pattern for infants that used sockweight yarn and #2 needles. Well... tada! Found one (on my own shelves, nonetheless!) Simple little pattern from the book "Knit a Dozen Baby Socks" by Edie Eckman. These are the "Basic" sock. She actually calls for #3 needles, but I used 2s and they still look a little large. That's fine. Baby's grow, right?!

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That is a great set. I am

That is a great set. I am sure the baby will appreciate it and will look so cute. Well done.

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That's sooo cute!!! ...might

That's sooo cute!!!
...might have to try that for my new not-yet-born grandchild...

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The set is very cute. A nice

The set is very cute. A nice thing about knitting for youngones, if it doesn't fit at first, they will eventually grow into them.

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Do babies grow! Heck, you

Do babies grow! Heck, you turn around and their 13, or 16, or have three kids of their own!

Can't trust 'em, not at all. They'll grow on you every time!
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