Ah, New Stuff

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It has been a while. Damn.

I finished my Mistake Rib Scarf, putting a fringe on it now, and I just bought some US 11 needles, so i can now finish the HP scarf I started originally. I have also started a hat, a new scarf for Halloween, and soon a new pair of socks, my first, with the stash given to my by my *adopted mom. Btw, we'll just call her Mom. I essentially have two.

Below is the uber cool scarf. The orange yarn is a merino/alpaca blend and the brown is highlander wool. It's a K2, P2 with a K1 at the beginning and ending of each row no matter what side. It's got some great thickness and the chunky yarn knits up fast.

[img_assist|nid=3016|title=Unfinished Halloween Rib|desc=So far unfinished, but looking great. So soft!|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=150]Unfinished Halloween Rib: So far unfinished, but looking great. So soft!


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Okay, the uber cool scarf

Okay, the uber cool scarf image didn't want to show up. Anybody know what the deal is with not posting a pic?