Gift Construction

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So, it begins. I have started on my holiday knitting. I am making my buddies Girlfriend an Irish Hiking Hat out of Donegal Tweed. So far it is coming out quite nicely. I hope she likes it.

I must thank Handy Andy for the idea, and the link to the pattern. It is dead easy and going quickly. After swatching last night I decided to knit this on #10 addi turbos. After some work today I have about 3 inches done. I might be able to finish tonight, depending on how much of my attention Sweetie needs; I am guessing she will be pretty self-sufficient as her team (the Mighty Bengal’s) are playing pre-season football tonight.

Have a good Monday.


PS. the camo bag in the picture is one of the project bags I picked up on my "Big Day".
ETA: having problems uploading, sorry no pictures today


This is an excellent idea.

This is an excellent idea. Relationship knitting by proxy is sure to be proof against the Break Up Curse!