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Hi everyone--

I've been reading some of the posts here, and this seems like a great site, so I hope to have fun knitting with you all.

About me: Have been crocheting and doing knitting looms since I was about 5 or 6. Taught myself to knit proper after college. Love dinosaurs, science fiction and disaster movies.

Current projects: a poncho for my wife, baby booties for the little one on the way, (just finished the kid's first crocheted blanket), a ribbed sweater with snakey cables up the arms

About me and knitting: I have never actually followed a knitting pattern, except for the one I made up myself. I love crocheting because you just stick the hook wherever you please and make some more loops. Plus it's really fast. However, I've been getting much better at knitting, and I've been working on cables and lace patterns, so it's not so boring anymore.

Biggest project ever made in a public place: I crocheted a rug out of old t-shirts on the subway in NYC.

I'll post some pictures of projects later.

Tranny-saurus Rex

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PS: check out these coats

PS: check out these coats knit from white and black trash bags by my friend Katherine in Maine:

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Welcome! Would love to see

Welcome! Would love to see some of your crochet work. I know how to crochet, I have crocheted...but I haven't seen projects that really peek my imagination and interest and really haven't explored it much, so please show and tell!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I'm with Kilgore! Can't

I'm with Kilgore! Can't wait to see your work.

The t-shirt idea reminds me of when Darrel knit a scarf out of VHS tape.

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VHS tape--haven't thought to

VHS tape--haven't thought to try that one yet, although I've been thinking of a way to use all those plastic bags from the grocery store. Really, I've been using what I could find since I was a kid. Old underwear and socks knit up pretty well, too.

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Yay and welcome! That is so

Yay and welcome!

That is so awesome that you're knitting for the babe and for your wife!

I do A LOT of baby stuff -- I knit for a charity group among other things...if you'd like, I'll share a few patterns with you.


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Well a big welcome howdy

Well a big welcome howdy Texas!

You couldn't have stumbled into a better online community than right here. Personally I have made some close friends here and I'm sure you will too. There is a lot of talent lurking in this bandwidth and it's all yours for the asking. So just jump on in and yap at us. We don't bite; well not more than twice anyway.

Congratulations on the baby. (jeez, goes to show ya a guy will do anything for another reason to knit)


PS. Rug outa old t-shirts huh? Let's see... if I got out all my old shirts I bet I could end up with wall to wall carpet.....yeh........

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Welcome to the site, TSR!

Welcome to the site, TSR! Looking forward to checking out that rug...