Isn't she darling?!

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Sweater pattern:
The Tiny Top Down #608
By Cabin Fever (I paid $5.50 for it)

Hat pattern:
I made it up...nothing fancy :-)

This is the easiest sweater pattern IN THE WORLD -- almost no finishing. Great first pattern.

Grace and Peace,


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Beautiful - both child and

Beautiful - both child and outfit! It is very common here in NZ to see infants and small children in hand-knits. I am trying to start a singlet for an infant but without much success. Well done, you!

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It's not really a yarn...

It's not really a yarn... really more of a ribbon-type-stuff. I found it on sale at a local yarn shop. I've got an extra ball of it around here somewhere but can't quite put my hands on it... If I find it, I'll post the info.

Grace and Peace,

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She is truly adorable. What

She is truly adorable. What type of yarn did you use? I haven't knit any baby items in part because I'm never sure with what to make them. Every year around Christmas my school runs a donation drive for a Mexican orphanage, and this year I'd like to send them some knit items.