Norway calling!

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I am new to this site...and this is my first try to send some pictures and words! I find this site very interresting and amusing..:D! I must say that I'm a very bad blogger...I dont realy understand how this is working, but I think I will learn it..:D!

In the pictures you see my lastes work, crocheting a present to my friend and colleage. And also some pictures of is a "twisted"-funphoto..:)!

I hope to come back soon with some other photos and comments..:D!

Lars from Norway!


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Velkommen, Lars! That's a

Velkommen, Lars! That's a very lovely bit of work.

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My first thought - My GOD!

My first thought - My GOD! How many YEARS did he spend on that? Impressive!

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Welcome Lars. I have always

Welcome Lars.

I have always wanted to visit Norway. I have books and pictures and such from so many people that I envy because it seems everyone else has either been there, or is from there, and the closest to Norway that I've ever been has been Inverness in Scotland!

I like the picture. You do magnificent work.


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Welcome Lars... I spent

Welcome Lars...
I spent several weeks in Trondheim..many years ago...have friends there.


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Welcome to the site! Great

Welcome to the site! Great looking crochet. Howdy from Berlin....

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It looks like you did a fine

It looks like you did a fine job to me, Lars. Welcome to the site!