The I-Cord

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It have always been amazed to the fact that you are able to learn new things all the time. Somethings by discovering them yourselves and some have already been discovered. The minds that think alike ha ha ha. I made an I-Cord as E. Zimmermann called it "Idiot Cord". So many possible uses one of them being a handle for a bucket that holds your yarn. The handle for this yarn organizer had broken, so I thought the I-Cord will be very useful and it was.

If you are looking for an I-Cord Tutorial here is the link I-Cord Tutorial Link

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I have one of the same yarn

I have one of the same yarn holders in the attic. I've never used it; do you use yours?

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the instructional link! I have always been amazed by cording and now I can do it! My "thing" is creating Christmas stockings for my family and friends. This I-Cord technique will be great for making the stocking hangers.

Thanks again!