OT - HOw I spent my weekend - 422 years ago.

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A long, busy weekend in 1585 Warwickshire. Her Majesty is on Summer Progress and is visiting our shire, so Festival was being held. Many merchants about and many many many strangers.

I'm indentured to a couple of Sword fighting Spainards by the Name of Don Juan and Miguel; so I spend my day making money for them by running an archery range. Don Juan claims to be a prince of Spain - but if so, why does he need me to make him money?

Most of my crew are teenagers so I have my hands full managing them. (They don't call my booth "Hormone Central for nothing!)
Then the crew had a party Saturday night - so I spent a lot of time Sunday telling them I did *NOT* want to hear any details.
Good kids - some of them have been working for me since they were 10. and several I've watched grow up from the toddler stage.
Garaunteed to make one feel old, especially after 12 hours on your feet!

People admired the baby blanket I started Friday - I actually got a few rows knit saturday morning before the horde of vistiors descended upon the shire. [hey look! actual knitting content!] But most of the weekend was sharp pointy objects and the slaying of deadly wylde hay bales. We did have a few moments where we broke into song; had fun singing harmony to my oldest assistants lead on 'Danny Boy" - and we did a couple renditions of the fine historical ballad "Back in the Clydesdale". (Including one where Mother Redemptia of the local Convent joined us on the choruses. Seranaded one of the Rose Wenches with "Rose, Rose"

Then of course our theme songs "Slay the Hay" (to the tune of "feed the birds" from Mary Poppins) and "Our Favorite things" (a twisted version of the song from 'Sound of Music')

I do love the way many people seem to be raising their children to properly and safely express the darker emotions before they build up and cause the pate to explode. What could be more pleasing then to see four and five year olds gleefully shooting things with arrows? repeatedly. and frequently.
(We hope to make enough money for the Spainards that they won't use that fleet of ships they are builidng up over in Barcelona)

One of my nephews brought his second child to visit - but she decided to be Daddy's girl and refused to cuddle or hug or nuthin! I'm thinking of cutting her out of my will! *pout*

I am worried about the Maypole that has been erected in the commons across from my booth. A great many people seemed to be performing strange rituals and dances about it several times duiring the day. The neighborhood seems to be declineing since the convent was moved to the other side of the shire.

A highwayman in the employ of the local constable tried to hold us up late Saturday - but we drove him off with orange food and the claim we were all infected with plague.

Pretty much a normal weekend.


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Her Majesty hath left for

Her Majesty hath left for London. The Shire seemed empty this monday morn, with non of the hustle and bustle we have come to associate with festival. merchants boarding up their booth, loading their remaing wares; tired musicians and actors, and other local folk busy saying thier goodbyes.

Farewell Warwick - for another year.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

Hey there MMario, it

Hey there MMario, it sounds like a great weekend all told. I've enjoyed my visits to the Renaissance Faires, though I've not been to one in recent years. Nice to learn some things and gain a perspective of what life was for people at that time in history. I'll be working as a historical re-enactor this fall at Old Sturbridge Village out in the western part of the state. I greatly look forward to it.
I hope you have many more fun and memorable weekends in the fourteenth century.

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sixteenth century.

sixteenth century. *grin*

Ren-faires are such an odd mix of the historical and wildly inaccurate entertainment, but they are fun (and addictive)
MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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You make me miss working

You make me miss working faires! Used to work Stirling (in NY) and Maryland....Tn a couple of times. (which is odd, since it takes place about 30 minutes from where I live!)


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We threw in some "Hey Nunnie

We threw in some "Hey Nunnie Nunnie" - does that count?

the "good stuff" doesn't go over as well with the crowds under most circumstances as the pitiful parodies and comic stuff. Though tear jerkers work sometimes. And occasionaly one can slip in an actual period piece.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

Yeh, 'Hey Nunnie Nunnie'

Yeh, 'Hey Nunnie Nunnie' qualifies. You will just have to keep casting pearls before swine until your 'good stuff' has equal billing with the 'pitiful parodies'.

It still sounds like good fun.

Sounds like a great weekend,

Sounds like a great weekend, but I wish you had sung a couple of verses of Greensleeves, or perhaps thrown in a 'hey nonnie no' somewhere along the way.