SWS Natural Blue

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So here's the next in my series of Soy-Wool-Stripes scarves. This one was knit with the Natural Blue color. The dyeing in this shade seems to make a much more noticeable pattern...not a bad or good thing...just interesting! Unlike the other SWS cable scarves I have knitted, I twisted the cables every six rows (the others were every eight rows). Up next, I will be taking a suggestion from Tallguy and alternating the twists. I will be knitting this scarf with the same yarn but in the Natural Earth shade, which is the one I have been most excited to use as the colors seem to vary a bit more. :-)


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I've had two skeins of this

I've had two skeins of this same color in my stash for months waiting to be made into something. I do like the way they look as a scarf! Great job!

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I just recently saw this

I just recently saw this yarn at my LYS (take your pick...Michael's or Hobby Lobby, this happened to be at Michael's)! I am glad to see your pics of these scarves. Now I can't wait to add to my yarn stash! Keep up the good work!

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They're lovely....such great

They're lovely....such great colors!


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Thanx! My favorite color in

Thanx! My favorite color in this shade was the cream-ish color, and it kept annoying me that it only showed up in a very small amount. Ha! I suppose I could've cut and felted the yarn so all those sections were in one big chunk, but that would've messed up the flow of the yarn. Oh well. There are some nice shades of blue in there. :-)

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Yeah, I have a few skeins of

Yeah, I have a few skeins of stuff I'm working with where I keep waiting for *that one color* to come back around as well! The blue sets it off nicely!

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It is a beautiful scarf. I

It is a beautiful scarf. I like the cables and the way they undulate up the scarf and how the change in colour accentuates them. You deserve a pat on the back.

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Thanx! :-)

Thanx! :-)

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Shes a beaut! What does

Shes a beaut! What does the soy yarn feel like? I've never seen it before.

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Thanx! I love the way it

Thanx! I love the way it feels. It's actually 70% wool and 30% soy, and it doesn't feel that different from some of the 100% wool yarns I've used. I think it's a tad softer (a little less stiff?) than some of those 100% wools, but I might also have worked with some low-quality wools. LOL My favorite part of the SWS yarn is the way the yarn strand looks. The close-up texture to it is just very nice in my opinion. In case you wanna hunt it down, it's Paton's Soy Wool Stripes. Mine ran $5.99/skein, but I've seen it for as much as $8.99/skein online.