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Hi, you asked for intro and how all us females found and joined. It's mmario's fault. He posted the link in the Laughing Lace Knitting yahoo group. With the dangling carrot of lace knitting patterns! Geez that is so unfair. Who can resist that?
I absolutely love the post about the biggist yarn stash in the world. She truly does have an awesome stash. See, Rod, I don't have the biggist one!! yet!.


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Welcome to the

Welcome to the group!

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Welcome. Mario is an amazing

Welcome. Mario is an amazing person ... and an amazing knitter!

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I'll second that!

I'll second that!

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My life is a Craft, not a

My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

Welcome to our Group!

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Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site!