Another felted hat...

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Just sharing all the stuff I've been rabidly knitting with all the time I spend not actually having a job... Here's a hat much like the one's I've shown before, with some free cascade 220 I got at a local heritage festival... I'm trying to find more interesting ways of shaping these hats such that they still fit my head without distorting... Maybe a felted feather to go with one at some point....


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A felted feather?! that

A felted feather?! that would be priceless! LOL

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The idea of a felted feather

The idea of a felted feather intrigues me. Will be interesting to see what happens.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Awh!! I loves the bowler

Awh!! I loves the bowler hat!!! :D Kudos my man..kudos!

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VV Very cool...are you

VV Very cool...are you working from a pattern or just "freehanding" it?

Of course, now you need some knitted suspenders to go with it!

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Nice bowler hat!

Nice bowler hat!

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Have you looked at

Have you looked at "Hatblockers"?