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Darrel -
Is there a way to put counters on posts or thread/series of posts?

Not a crucial thing, but sometimes it's nice to see whether something you are blathering on aboujt gets read or not. And a lot of people read without commenting.

Hmmm. Judging by the counter

Hmmm. Judging by the counter on my blog, I think I'll pull the plug and lurk elsewhere..........!

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Keep in mind, too, that the

Keep in mind, too, that the counter only tracks when people view your blog entry on its own page. If you write a short entry that doesn't get a "read more" link, then chances are people won't need to click to see your post and you won't register a "view" even though it's been viewed.

I can adjust the amount of "teaser text" each post gets on the home page. If I decrease it, we could fit more partial entries on the home page, folks would have to click to read more, and your view counts may increase as a result.

Any thoughts?

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I think the decrease is a

I think the decrease is a good idea. Thanks for working on this.

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I set it to only display the

I set it to only display the first 200 characters of a post, so everyone be on the lookout for the "Read More" link! It means there's more to see, so click that link or the post title to see more.

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Sorry guys! I didn't

Sorry guys! I didn't realize this was only enabled for administrators, but I wholeheartedly agree with you about wanting to see how much your posts gets read.

I view our web stats all the time and can assure you that we get a pretty good amount of traffic, so your stuff is getting read. Within the last month, we've gotten right around 40,000 page views.

We have a large amount of users who visit everyday, read everything, and never post. I try to read everything and am also guilty of infrequent commenting, so I'll work on improving that myself.

I'm continually inspired by you guys and want to do everything I can to create a meaningful space for us, promote and encourage each other's work, increase the visibility of male knitters, and have a good time while doing it.

Having said that, I'll echo the previous requests... Even if you don't write your own blog here or initiate forum topics, comment on what other members write!

If you're a lurker, stop lurking and say hello! As you've probably noticed by now, we're all really nice people.


About the IE bug... I'll try to figure it out!

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Mille Grazie, signore for

Mille Grazie, signore for the counters.
and my comment box appears to be fixed - so it looks like you got that bug squashed as well!

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I think counters are quite a

I think counters are quite a good idea if this will keep everyone writing posts. Same as Celowin: I really read all the posts and like seeing the projects you're working on, or just reading the things you keep yourself busy with. I don't post or comment much myself because I don't knit that much (too much time spent at work, high maintenance boyfriend, a house to renovate...) but I love reading about it. And I'm always so in awe with all the FO's you all come up with that adding a comment or reply doesn't even come to mind. What would a 'novice' have to add to a chance remark of one of the real knitters? ;-) If I ever actually finish a project I might also be confident enough to chat about it, lol

ps: Darrel: I'm missing a bit of the left part of the comment field... a bug?

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What would a 'novice' have

What would a 'novice' have to add to a chance remark of one of the real knitters?

what makes a novice any less of a "real" knitter? And though you may not have many or even *any* finished objects - you still have colour sense, etc. Actors rely on feedback from people who cannot or do not act; comics depend on the feedback of people who may not be able to tell jokes, but know what is funny - knitting is an art, and the old saw "I may not know "art" but I know what I like" is as true of knitting as any other art.

When the comments come from someone who has or is working the same process it I think it is even more valuable. And a new perspective may bring something that an "old hand" would never think of.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Well, while I can't comment

Well, while I can't comment on the counter idea, I can say that I do read and enjoy everything that gets posted on the site. I haven't been posting much lately for two related reasons: First, I haven't been knitting much lately. With temperatures in the high 90's, I really haven't wanted to be sitting with a pile of wool in my lap. Similarly, the computer room is the warmest room in my house... so while I still check in and read, I often get chased out by temperature before I can compose a decent reply.

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I think this is an excellent

I think this is an excellent idea. With over 900 members but only a handful of regular contributors, I often wonder if it's worth the effort of posting at all. I've always considered MWK my "knitting group" as I don't have any kind of group here where I live. I imagine that I'm bringing information, books or knitting projects (finished or otherwise) to the group for conversation and discussion, and let's not forget for friendship. After all the work of posting a blog entry and then having only a few comments (if any) I wonder how boring I've become. It would be comforting to know that at least people are listening (or, on the MWK - reading). For me it's like bringing up a topic at in a group and it's met with only silence.

After all, any group is only as good as the contributions of its members.

Thanks for posting this, Mario. I hope I've not misinterpreted what you're saying; these are the thoughts which I've been having for some time now..

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Not at all. Now sometimes I

Not at all.
Now sometimes I post a picture out at another site, and mention it here - when the hits to that gallery skyrocket (relatively speaking - it only averages 3 hits a day under normal conditions) then I know people are reading my posts here, even though there aren't any comments. Likewise I've seen jumps in the number of viewings on some posts at other forums I've mentioned here.

but those are pretty round-about ways to see is anyone is interested in what you are talking about.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?