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While waiting for mistakes to show up in the test knitting of QAL (Queen Anne's Lace) pattern and finishing up some other projects, working on writing up the Fibonacci Eyelet Shawl(s) - there will be several varaitions all knit from the same graphs. Really just logical extensions. . .

attached are the two graphs

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General Instructions: For

General Instructions:
For Each Variation there will be a beginning section that establishes borders and the initial setup row (the un numbered yarnover in Chart 'A') The Chart is a 'half-chart' - each chart row is worked from right to left until the center stitch is reached (shaded column) - the shaded stitch is worked ONCE, then the same chart row is worked reading the chart from left to right from the center stitch to the beginning of the row on the chart.

You will probably find it helpful to mark the center stitch, either with a marker either side of the stitch or (my preference) a marker hung from the column of stitches formed by the center stitch.
All un-numbered rows are purled if knitting back and forth, knit if working in the round.
The un-numbered row at the bottom of Chart 'A' is the last setup row. It is not knit as part of Chart 'A'.

M2 = knit, yo, knit into same stitch

Setup: CO one stitch.

1s) M2
3s)p1, M2, p1
5s)p2, M2, p2
7s) p3, M2, p3
9s) p4, O, p4

This establishes the 4 stitch border on either side of the charted knitting. These stitches are always purled.
Work chart 'A' and Chart 'B' by purling the 4 border stitches, working the charted row as per the general instructions, and purling the remaining 4 stitches. All alternate rows are purled.
After knitting the two charts, Wash, block and enjoy.

Notes on Triangle Shawl - As written this is more a "shawlette" then a full bodied shawl. You will probably want to block strongly in the horizontal direction. If a larger shawl is desired, after row 159 continue in pattern until there are 34 stitches on either side of the center stitch.

Next row is as the previous except the center section would be k33, k2tog, O, (center stitch)O, skp, k33, etc...
Continue in pattern increasing one knit stitch between YO and center stitch each rs row until there are 27 stitches on either side of center stitch. The do the garter band and cast off.


CO: 4 stitches
knit 5 rows
pickup 3 stitches along edge and 4 stitches from Cast-On = 11 stitches on needle
Setup row - purl 4, O, k1, O, k1, O, k1, O, p4
Mark the three knit stitches, the first and third are the center stitches of the CHART; the middle stitch is the center of the SHAWL.

Work Chart 'A' and Chart 'B' in the following manner:
p4, charted row as per general instructions; shawl center stitch; charted row as per general instructions, p4

All alternate rows are purled.

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I finished a psuedo-faroese

I finished a psuedo-faroese variation last week - need to post a photo; as usual the phot is not the best, due to several reasons - one of which is that I am a lousy photographer - another of which is, that as usual, it was finished barely in time to wrap it and give it away.

But the bride loved it.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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attached a picture file

attached a picture file .
MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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It's kinda hard to get a

It's kinda hard to get a pointed edge knitting in the round - you could, I suppose, do it in an entrelac type style, knitting each Point, binding off on the one side, but not the other, then bind off down the second side of the point and start the next point.

What I'm trying to say is, consider if you want a 9 stitch wide point, knit 9, *turn, slip one, k8, turn, bind off one, knit 6, turn slip one, knit 5, turn, bind one, knit 3, slip one, knit two, turn, bind off down the rows knit 9 repeat from *

With the warning that I haven't test knit these instructions, but I thing they give the general idea.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Thanks, Mario. I'll give

Thanks, Mario. I'll give that some thought. But I'm not ready to bind off yet. I still have quite a few rows to knit yet.

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Fibonacci is going to have

Fibonacci is going to have to wait until I finish the Bugs in the Garden shawl and your Queen Ann Lace shawl pattern. "Bugs" is coming along nicely. I'm on row 59 of the 96 row section - then I'll either do another edging --- or I'll bind off. YeeHaw! Will be interesting to see how big it really gets.

Are their any edging patterns that I can knit in the round that yield a triangular, pointing edging? Or is that just impossible to do. On my previous shawl, I did the picot bind off and don't really want to use the same bind off again.