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Okay, I started knitting a year ago, and had no teacher. Aside from the occasional (and VERY helpful) visit to www.knittinghelp.com, I basically taught myself. This came with an extremely great sense of accomplishment with one very very big downside: I don't know $hit! I've knitted a billion different scarves (even a bunch of cables!), but only two non-scarf projects: a fitted cap and a felted belt.

So last night I started the Grey Cabled Vest for a dog that's in the book "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them." (It's one of the last couple of patterns.) I've worked up to the arm decrease, and it tells me to BO 4 sts off the beginning of the next two rows. Then it tells me to continue "with no shaping" on the cable pattern as established. What does it mean to not shape the cable? I've Googled shaping +knitting, but have only found patterns that mention shaping, and they don't really shed any light on what it means. I have a feeling it's terribly simple... Ha!

Sorry for the ramble. I tend to be a bit chatty, even when I'm just typing.


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I started around the same

I started around the same time and have accomplished 2 scarfs....period. I'm working on a flat-knit newborn cap - after that, will try a child's hat in the round - and then a watch cap for myself (probably in the round as well.) Sounds like you're doing great! Just wish I had more time to knit...

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whoa! i've started knitting

whoa! i've started knitting a year ago too, i've knitted a billion scarves and hats and a few gloves, now i'll begun to knit something more dificult, and i will knit a vest for my dog too i hope it ends good!

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They mean to continue the

They mean to continue the cable pattern as established, with no further shaping of the piece (the bind off 4 at the beginning of each row was "shaping")

your row is now 8 stitches shorter then it was before the shaping - but your cables haven't changed.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Brilliant! I had a feeling

Brilliant! I had a feeling it was going to be a "duh" question. ha! Thanx a bajillion!