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flying to West Palm Beach tomorrow, (Niece's wedding) and will be gone a few days.

The various WIP's are either too big at this point, or worked from cones, which is awkward, or both, so of course I had to start a new project. (ouch! twist my arm!)

It will be a rectangular stole, done in an eyelet diamond pattern, alternated with stockinette diamonds and a simple "frame" of reverse garter stitch.

It's using some black laceweight - I think it's alpaca but I may be wrong - on size US 6 needles (small size for me, but they are the "brightest" needles I have, and with black laceweight I need the contrast)

eleven repeats of the diamonds should give me the length I need. *IF* my sister did as I requested and got me an aisle seat, then I should have a good length of this done by the time the weekend is over. Should have some good qaulity knitting time both Saturday and Sunday; I'm not in the wedding party so my time should be mostly free except for the ceremony and reception - and since Saturday is KIP International, it seems appropriate that The Hampton Inn Lobby be graced by my presence.


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I managed to do 2.5 reps of

I managed to do 2.5 reps of the pattern over the weekend -not bad!

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I'm not used to hotels

I'm not used to hotels actually having computers I can use!@ (The cheap ones I normally stay at don't - heck, lucky if they have *anything*)

Good flights to Atlanta and then to West Palm Beach - there was rain right before we got in, so the temp was down to only 80 or so; still hotter then I like but livable. My niece is thrilled with the Queen Anne's Lace shawl - and wore it to the rehearsal dinner last night, and is planning to take it on the honeymoon, so I guess I did good.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Congrats on your niece being

Congrats on your niece being so responsive - course how could she not love it?

By the way, I did cast on the QAL and it's going great so far. I'm on row 41. I'm using #8's but think I might switch to #9's. If I switch to #9's, would it be a good time to switch when I start chart 2? Or would there be a better place to switch needle sizes in the pattern? I'm afraid if I stay on 8's, the shawl won't be large enough. Right now it's about 13" in diameter.

What do you think?

I probably won't get much more knitting done this weekend since we're driving to Harrisburg, PA for my art opening -- I have a painting in a juried group show there.

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13 inches in diameter at row

13 inches in diameter at row 41 projects out to 52 inches in diameter (unblocked, I am assuming) at completion. So it is up to you mand how large a shawl you are contemplating. On the eights it should block to a size most people would find useful, but on the 9's you may not need to block as much, which in the long run is easier.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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The start of any row should

The start of any row should be fine to go up to nines.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Have a great trip! Maybe by

Have a great trip! Maybe by the time you get back I'll actually have cast on Queen Anne Lace. I want to get a few more rows done on my Pi shawl first - remember I ripped it out and started all over last week. I have two more rows left on Clue 3 then I start the 96 row Clue 4.

Mario - I *always* ask and

Mario -

I *always* ask and get an emergency row seat. Lots of leg room for the Bog O' Yarn and for my arms to be busy either spinning or knitting.

Have a wonderful time in Flahridah. Bring your slickers since our summer blizzards have started and they're getting soaked down there as we are here in Tampadorf.

~Mike in Tampa
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