What's up with MWK?

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The last couple of times I tried to post anything here, I got a message saying that it had to be reviewed first by the moderator and will be published....but up to this date, nothing had been published.

So, what's up with that guys? Has it got something to do with the fact that I blog about my recent buys and stash enhancement with referrals to the dyer or where I got the yarns from that the posts aren't being published, because they're deem as advertisement? Or is it the fact that the post was uber-long? If then, why does MWK have a truncate version of the post available at all?

If so, then why not say something to me instead of just keeping quiet about it and not publishing my posts? I'm really unhappy about this. I mean, I spent time writing up those posts not just for them to be thrown away without any reasons being voiced to me.

The least I'd like to ask for is for some explanations.


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MWK has integrated the spam

MWK has integrated the spam filtering service from Akismet (http://akismet.com) via a plug-in module. It flags content and holds it in a moderation queue, but doesn't delete anything automatically. When a piece of content does get held in the queue, it triggers multiple emails to me and I log on and approve or deny the comment.

Having said that, I've never seen a piece of content from you show up there. I checked back through all the posts from your userid and don't see any signs of something going wrong.

Next time you (or anyone) gets a message saying your post has been flagged for moderation, copy the url from the address window in your browser (which hopefully has the node number in it) and send me a message with the title of your post. You can also avoid any potential grief by copying and pasting the complete text of your post in that email so there's a record of it and we can repost, if necessary.

In any case, please don't take it personally. I honestly have no desire to filter anyone's content unless it contains something that can get me sued or negatively impacts the community as a whole.

My email address is in the footer of the site right behind the text that says, "Having trouble using the site?" and my AIM screen name is on my user profile page. I'm available for a large portion of the day and encourage y'all to contact me whether you need help or even if you just want to share a greeting.

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Thanks, Darrel for the

Thanks, Darrel for the notice! I understand that...but because this has happened with the two lengthy posts I did with pictures and links all over, I have thus become pretty apprehensive about posting here.

But yeah, I'll try posting something new and hope that it'll work this time. Otherwise I'll take all the precautionary steps you suggest.


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Just feel that apprehension

Just feel that apprehension melt away... :)

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Darrel did say something the

Darrel did say something the other day that some posts may trigger a spam filter - then you get the moderation message.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Cheers, guys! I thought I

Cheers, guys! I thought I was alone in this. It's pretty frustrating when you write huge long post with lots of pictures and then the post just didn't get published.

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.. AND we LOVE reading your

.. AND we LOVE reading your posts - so keep 'em coming please :)



I think Mario must be right

I think Mario must be right about this. I wouldn't take it personally. The site has always had little pesky bugs running around in it and, for no reason at all, they'll pop their little ugly heads up with no notice whatsoever.

Deep breaths . . . Take deep, cleansing breaths and it'll get cleared up - eventually. =^D
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You are not alone - others

You are not alone - others have been experiencing this. For myself, I haven't been having *that* problem - but "service not available" keeps cropping up.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?