halfdome hat

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I finished my first "halfdome" hat last night - I ended up with too many stitches somehow (I don't know how unless I counted my decrease rows wrong) - but it turned out pretty good! I used Grignasco Top Print 100% alpaca for this one - it's very cozy - if it wasn't already warm and on its way to well over 100 degrees today I might have put it on!

I'm sure I'll be making many more of these -
as most of you probably know, this is from Jesse's pattern (www.yarnboy.com) that was published in Knitty...


Very Cool looking hat! What

Very Cool looking hat! What DO you do with the rolled edge?? Imagine I ought to get the pattern first and then... again, very cool!

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the rolled edge is done with

the rolled edge is done with a smaller needle - it's all stockinette stitch (worked flat then seamed up) so it just rolls naturally... it's a nice hat (I like working this flat because I can use my circulars... there is a pattern somewhere in yarnboy.com's blog referenced where someone did this pattern in the round for DPN's - but I find them a little cumbersome :)



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Great job Kyle! I have just

Great job Kyle!

I have just the roll to seam left on mine. I didn't have the CC with me yesterday when I was finishing it up. Then I'll block it.

To tell you the truth I borrowed one of those styrofoam wig heads to shape it once it's blocked. Also I think it might be just a bit big and might try my hand at felting it ever so slightly.

Then I'm going to do one for myself!

Looks good,


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I tried one, but I'm suck a

I tried one, but I'm suck a loose knitter, mine just didn't turn out well. I think I need to try it again, and go smaller and also use a differnt yarn.

RK in oK

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looks good Kyle; I don't

looks good Kyle; I don't think ending up with the "wrong" number of stitches hurt it any. (Unless it's because there is a dropped stitch lurking somewhere waiting to unravel on you.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Very nice looking. I like

Very nice looking. I like your choice of yarn much better than that in the original pattern. I thought the pictures with the pattern looked too bright to wear unless you were worried about visibility from 5 miles away, while your halfdome looks much more stylish.