My First Project

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After having not knitted since I was a kid, a more than a 30 years hiatus, I decided to pick up the needles again. I've just completed my first project, a beanie in a beautiful deep purple "Silkroad Aran Tweed" yarn from Jo Sharp (a wool/silk/cashmere mix). Not the hardest project in the world, a simple beanie with a single rib edge and 5 spiral decreases, but I'm inordinately pleased and proud of it. First project down, many to go hopefully!


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Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

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That hat looks great, good

That hat looks great, good color and it seems to fit quite nicely. Welcome back to knitting, it really is an all-consuming hobby.


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Welcome to MWK, I hope you

Welcome to MWK, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

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Great looking hat! I've yet

Great looking hat! I've yet to knit a hat, but it's on my list of items to try and they would complement my stash of scarves that I knitted last winter. Do you have a pattern for this hat, or did you just wing it?

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scb2467, I winged it. I

scb2467, I winged it. I measured my head, worked out my guage, did the maths to figure out how many rows I needed for the spiral decreases and then subtracted that from the total measurements. The geek in me loved that part.

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welcome back to

welcome back to knitting!

*warning* membership on this site *does* feed the addiction. Of course, sometimes that is a good thing.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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A well-done beanie!

A well-done beanie! Recently I did a jumper in this same knitting wool in the same colour. I really like the finished product. So, what's next?

Cheers from across the Tasman!

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Very becoming.... Congrats

Very becoming....
Congrats and welcome back to the fold...

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Congratulations on beginning

Congratulations on beginning again. I trust you know this knitting thing is highly addictive ... Welcome aboard.