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I had no idea editing my posts would repost them to the main thread so many times! Is there any way that can be fixed? I apologize for the repetitions, I was trying to see if multiple pictures could be posted to one blog entry!

What a first impression to make, eh? Hehe. Be well all! Lesson learned!


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Yes, as others have said,

Yes, as others have said, don't worry! I opened the website once to find a pic I thought I had unsuccessfully uploaded had actually been successfully uploaded SEVERAL times, flooding the home page! Oh well.


Jonathan in DC

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It's a strange quirk of the

It's a strange quirk of the site - not quite sure why it happens, but I just put all my photos up on my Flickr account and then put the link to the small size photo in my posts. Eliminates the problem entirely, and I would imagine that you could do the same with Picasa or other photo storage sites. Alternatively, you could attach the photos to a post instead of inserting them directly, so that they'd be accessible from post through clickable links.

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Not to worry Skip, everyone

Not to worry Skip, everyone has done it. It's just one of the quirks of this site. At least you know we won't forget you ;-)

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Non fa niente! Just about

Non fa niente!

Just about everyone who has posted a picture has managed to flood the forum at least once!

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?