Weekly Topics?

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Hey I noticed there were discussions last year with weekly topics. Did that get boring? Is there an interest in renewing such a discussion?

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wow. that's interesting...

wow. that's interesting... I posted this to the Forums section, because that's where I saw the earlier Weekly Topics. I didn't expect it to show up on the front page, too! LOL

Ray Whiting
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I always enjoyed the weekly

I always enjoyed the weekly topics in the discussion forums. I suppose they may have died out because there was minimal participation. Why not give it another go and see what happens?

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There were? Must have been

There were? Must have been before my time....*grin*

I'd suggest that on the forum side

Try opening one and see what happens - I suspect it will depend on the subject; who is "available" for comment , etc; just like real life discussions.

rather then in someones blog would make more senseMMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?