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I'm starting to get myself organised to knit River Run Pullover designed by Ron Schweitzer from the book Knitter's Stash. It is a Fair Isle using all nine natural, undyed shades of Shetland wool, and the colours range from white to brownish-black.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge as the last Fairisle I knitted was too small by the time I'd finished it, so I unpicked it and did it again in a larger size. It is still too tight around my somewhat fleshy middle, and will be given away to an anorexic when it is finished. Wish me luck ;-)

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The book is Knitter's Stash

The book is Knitter's Stash edited by Barbara Albright. It's an Interweave Press book published in 2001.

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It sounds like a lovely

It sounds like a lovely project, getting to use all those Shetland wools! Can you give us more information on the book that has the pattern?