Ripping my heart out

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check out my blog --

and see what Gregg's sweater looks (looked) like - we're in the process of tearing it all out to start over (new pattern, old yarn)

it's all there for everyone to see - and laugh.


Also a photo of a new knitting guy recruit who I taught on Saturday with a friend -

and photos of yarn that is being added to my stash!



Beautifully knitted mind

Beautifully knitted mind you, and gorgeous wool! What a sad day that must have been. We are at the mercy of gauges, patterns and designs. It's the waste of precious time that gets me. So many patterns; so little time...

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From the photos, the cardie

From the photos, the cardie looks very nice. It must have been very disappointing when it didn't fit. Is the knitting wool a wool/mohair blend? Completely dismantling a finished garment is no laughing matter!

Good work turning another guy on to knitting! We need more such recruits!