Dishcloths Galore!

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My newest passion is knitting dishcloths. They're small enough to finish in an evening or two of TV watching, require little monetary investment, present an opportunity to practice new stitches, and the end result is a useful object. I'm finding they're ideal for my attention span and skill level.


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Dishcloths are always a good

Dishcloths are always a good thing to knit when trying out a new pattern. They are quick, are easy to see the stitches and how to work them, and are always useful -- even if you mess up!

Yes, dishcloths made in cotton are the best...I can't imagine using a synthetic dishcloth! And there is nothing nicer than doing the dishes with a fancy lace dishcloth made by someone special! :-)

Here are some patterns:

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That's a great site -

That's a great site - thanks! I bookmarked it and will use it when I make some dishcloths!

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These are very nice! I bet

These are very nice! I bet they make great gifts, too. I've been considering making some for our house. They seem like a great second project, one to do when I don't want to give intensive concentration to a pattern such as I find I must do with Fair Isle knitting. Did you use cotton yarn or a synthetic?

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I used Sugar & Cream cotton

I used Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, and the patterns are all from I have been using the blue/yellow/white one and I am quite pleased with it. I plan to knit several more for the house and discard some of my old threadbare store-bought cloths.

Also, several ladies from my office have volunteered to take any spare dishcloths off my hands!

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Hi Stephen, Your dishcloths

Hi Stephen,

Your dishcloths are terrific!
Another use that you may consider is assembling them into a sampler comforter.

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I have actually considered

I have actually considered that-- I have seen several cloths that are quite elaborate and look too elegant for scrubbing the pots and pans. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I'll check it out. Thanks

I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

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Hi Stephen, If you haven't

Hi Stephen,

If you haven't seen it, check out the dishcloth design in Mason Dixon Knitting - it's a fun pattern!

Jonathan in DC