amazing new needles

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I have yet to get them but had to mention

they make handmade knitting needles out of beautiful woods - I ordered a set of circulars - I am very excited about them! :) we'll see what they look like when they arrive



Linda and Tom Diak are

Linda and Tom Diak are friends of mine from waaaaay back. Tom has made spindles for me and he does beautiful work. I wasn't aware he had taken to making needles. Damn! Just when the savings account was bulking up . . . Thanks A LOT, Kyle! (Tell them Mike Keach said Hi and that he thinks Tom should reconsider making that production spindle he made for me.)
~Mike in Tampa
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oh - wow....I'm glad they

oh - wow....I'm glad they don't have an outlet near me.

I would be *so* broke.

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