Cable Sweater

I finished this last July after about 6 months of work. It was amazing fun to knit, since it's such a great pattern and I used beautiful Italian cotton yarn.


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Wonderful Work, maybe one

Wonderful Work, maybe one day i will be as good as you.

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Marc, The sweater is

The sweater is gorgeous; colour, design, and workmanship! What size needles were used to knit it?

Thanks :) The ribbing was on

Thanks :)

The ribbing was on 3mm needles and the main body of it was on 3.75mm.

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Don't worry, I'll be able to

Don't worry, I'll be able to remember that when I see the progress pic up ;-)

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This looks sooo great. And

This looks sooo great. And such a regular, even tension. Amazing work, Marc!

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Fantastic work, though I

Fantastic work, though I don't think the photos do it justice.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Terrific job.

Terrific job.

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What a beautiful sweater,

What a beautiful sweater, you've done a great job.

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Absolutely beautiful! Is it

Absolutely beautiful! Is it a burgundy colour? I really like how the ribbed sleeves go with the cabling; they compliment each other nicely. How did you like working with cotton? Those Italians know how to produce some very fine yarns!

I didn't take the photos

I didn't take the photos with very good lighting -- it's actually more of a chocolate brown than anything. I really enjoyed working with the cotton, but I found it less forgiving than other yarns when I made mistakes, so I guess it's a mixed bag.