Ok Guys!

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I've had a lot of response by email and PM's concerning my post yesterday regarding another knit-along this year. I love the suggestions and I'm personally up to knitting anything we agree on.

This time however, I think we should take all suggestions and then take a poll on the project. My only criteria is that it be a project that is interesting but is capable of all levels of knitting, is fairly inexpensive, and is either utilitarian or giftable and can be completed in less than a century.

PM me or email me at cjvandenburg@yahoo.com and I will post a poll with suggested project say.......... by the end of April????

Keep in mind Mr. Justin Huston is in charge of this one! That'll teach him!

Love ya boys!



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and dont forget it Please

and dont forget it

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

What better way to make sure

What better way to make sure that people join up? :)
Count me in.