Configuration changes

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I made some changes to the web server to enable "Clean URLs" which you'll notice result in a much prettier looking URL in your address bar once you make your first click after logging in. This makes it easier to forward links to others, as well as making the site more search-engine friendly.

I've done some minimal testing and haven't come across any errors yet, but please send me a message if you experience any weirdness (e.g. pages not found) while using the site.

I'm also planning to upgrade the software the site runs on, but have been reading some horror stories of the process, so I'm taking time to plan things accordingly to minimize any downtime.



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You should see the link

You should see the link there now. Let me know if it doesn't display your messages as you'd expect. I had to recreate the link manually. Thanks!

Hey Darrel, I love the

Hey Darrel,
I love the changes. Good job. I don't see the messages sub title on the left menu list.

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