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Well, Possums. I received a birthday gift from the man I'm courting...He lives across the country in western New Hampshire. He sent me YARN(!) from the woolen farm/mill just down the hill from him (!!!!!!). {PLEASE ignore the little robot in the background, frantically waving it's arms, exclaiming....DANGER WIL ROBINSON! DANGER!] It's not fancy, but excellent quality: The type of wool that you'd use to make a aran sweater that will last generations. Hmm. A stash enabler....this one has definately potential....


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I knew I shouldn't have

I knew I shouldn't have posted that. LOL. Hang on buying wedding gifts: Remember, he lives on the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY and I am still loving the west coast. Send your wedding gifts to Chris and his schmoopie. I'm still in the early courting stages.

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Um, congratulations on the

Um, congratulations on the guy and all, but what's the name of the mill? A day trip might be in order. :-)

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Now, THAT man knows how to

Now, THAT man knows how to get your attention!

He's a keeper!

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Go for it ... or keep going

Go for it ... or keep going for it.

Sounds like a match made in heaven. Enjoy each other. And remember, a relationship is just one decision after another. Keep choosing each other.

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You lucky man!! And, this

You lucky man!! And, this guy in NH is a lucky man too!

Have you picked out china

Have you picked out china and linens yet?

~Mike in Tampa
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forget china and linens -

forget china and linens - register at WEBS, KnitPicks, SarahsYarns, Colourmart, J&S...

after all - if enabling and stash enhancement is going to occur - why not take advantage of it?

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Hang on to that man!!

Hang on to that man!!

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A stash enabler! Maybe he

A stash enabler! Maybe he should go to Stash Anon! I need a stash enable in my life. Unfortunately the Best Beloved would be more apt to by me a John Deer power mower than yarn. However, I did give myself the treat of spending the entire weekend browsing the web, finding good deals, and ordering it for the stash! Very exciting.

Have fun knitting.

Jonathan in DC