Entrelac, how do I do this??????????

It looks so cool. How do i do it.
I've started a project but it's not coming out right. I got some Nora yarn which is not cheap so don't want to waste it!
Gabriel got me started on this but he's away on vacation now.

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Damn right, it's cool. Note

Damn right, it's cool.

Note that different books and patterns have slightly different Entrelac instructions, but the basic methodology is the same. Just follow whichever one you want, but don't be surprised that you'll find something slightly different when you select the next pattern.

If you get stuck, don't panic. It looks really weird at certain times, but try just to do exactly what the instructions say and it'll come together. If you're getting holes, you're doing something wrong - that's the biggest tip!

I'm quite experienced with Entrelac, so if you get stuck, feel free to send me a message.

By the way, I'm another Brit in the US, as well as a male knitter... weird, huh?!


Yeah another Brit & a

Yeah another Brit & a knitter to boot!
How long have you been here? 11 years for me this October!

Knit away, knit away

Thanks guys. I stopped by Sch

Thanks guys. I stopped by School Products, 28th & Broadway & got it sorted.
That's a great site Craig, thanks I've saved it on my bookmarks.

Knit away, knit away

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Hi Martin,Hope all is well. G

Hi Martin,

Hope all is well. Go to this site, www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/stitches.php. Hope this is of some help, but once you master this stitch it is not as complex as you think.

Happy knitting. Craig.

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There are some books out ther

There are some books out there about it - the titles escape me at the moment as entrelac is still one of my yets in knitting.  Also, did you check with the store where you made the purchase.  They might have a staffer who is quite adept at the technique.

Hang in there.  And you are right - you do not want to waste Noro yarn.