Ils sont finis!!!!!

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"Trondheim" Toe-up

Started: 19th February 2007
Finished: 04th March 2007
Yarn: Regia Nodic Colour 4-ply sock yarn, colour #5510 "Trondheim"
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1/#2 Addi Turbos (using MagicLoop method)
Pattern: Universal Toe-up Sock using Magic Cast-On


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Georgeous!!!! Those socks


Those socks are georgeous! Would love to get ahold of some of the yarn sometime.
Barry...The Kilted Knitter..yes I knit in a Kilt

Elemmaciltur's picture the moment is Regia the moment is Regia 4-ply my favourite.

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And the age old question ...

And the age old question ... what do you wear under the kilt?

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the superwash wools

the superwash wools takes several days for me to dry hand washed wool socks....

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That pattern doesn't appear

That pattern doesn't appear to have a heavier or ribbed heel... is the heel just stockingette?

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The heel was short-row...all

The heel was short-row...all in stockinette.

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Gorgeous socks. I'll have

Gorgeous socks. I'll have to try that toe up pattern with the magic cast on. I've always done them from the top down, but these look fantastic. Very good. Bravo!


My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Yup, you should try it out.

Yup, you should try it out. The Magic Cast-on is really easy and so is also toe-up. ;-)

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Those socks look great! I

Those socks look great! I learned Toe-Up Socks at a Knitting Guild Seminar back in October. I really need to make another pair that way. We were actually taught to make 2-At-Once-Toe-Up socks, but I felt it was too slow moving. In the time it took to do one round on both I could have done 8 or 10 rounds on a single sock. And since I'm good about starting that 2nd sock as soon as I finish the first, that isn't a big problem.

Also, I love the Jaywalkers that you have made as well. I keep looking at the pattern and am really tempted to make a pair. I have 2 pairs in the works right now, so I think I should finish them before I start another pair.

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Thanks! Well, I quite like

Thanks! Well, I quite like JayWalkers...but the pattern's getting a bit boring for me...

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Nice colors! I'm finishing

Nice colors! I'm finishing up my third, no, fourth pair of socks right now, with plans for more on the way. My hiking boots are much more comfy with the socks I knit myself.

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This was my 4th pair of

This was my 4th pair of socks...

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Gorgeous! May have to

Gorgeous! May have to consider making socks sometime.

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Yup, socks are fun. :-)

Yup, socks are fun. :-)

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Thanks! Yeah, you should

Thanks! Yeah, you should make them...they're really easy to make, especially in Stockinette stitches.

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Hand knit socks may be just

Hand knit socks may be just the answer for me since I have narrow feet and a b*#&! of a time finding shoes narrow enough to fit me. Trying to find shoes in size 11-1/2 (45 EUR) B width is no picnic.

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Well, I have EUR 44 size

Well, I have EUR 44 size shoes....and that takes quite a bit of time to knit the foot up.

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But if I use a little

But if I use a little heavier yarn maybe shoes that are a bit too wide would fit better. Or maybe the the socks would wear out faster - that would be terrible.

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Well, there are the 6-ply

Well, there are the 6-ply sock yarn...but I think that the socks would turn out pretty thick and not so comfortable to wear.