Zip up jacket finished

just finished a zip up jacket for my 5 year old nephew just in time for his birthday this week. It's the first time I have tried sewing in a zip and it wasn't too hard. The collar was only supposed to have a couple of rows of the contrasting colour, but I changed it to make the inside all grey instead I think it looks good.

I think it took me longer to sew it all together than it did to knit it!
The pattern I got from a UK magazine Simply Knitting November 2006.
Now back to the throw that I am slowly making progress on.


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Very nice! I'll agree with

Very nice! I'll agree with everyone that the collar looks great with the entire inside gray. In fact, I think it would look a little silly with only a couple rows of the cc.

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Well done! I like the

Well done! I like the collar just as you did it. The entire jacket looks really great!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Hi Rory, The jacket looks

Hi Rory,

The jacket looks great! Knitting the inside of the collar in all grey added a very nice accent to the jacket.