Keith's houndstooth scarf

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Finally finished Keith's houndstooth scarf. He writes about it at:


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Here's my

Here's my blog:

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This houndstooth pattern is

This houndstooth pattern is kind of frustrating to do. Since it is reversible, you do it with two double-pointed needles and basically you knit each row twice. The pattern is from Jane Neighbors's "Reversible Two-Color Knitting" (1974, New York: Scribner)

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That's wonderful!!! ...I've

That's wonderful!!!
...I've been wanting to try houndstooth...

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LOVE your houndstooth

LOVE your houndstooth socks!!!
...just ordered the book...
and copied your source for the scarf pattern...
not sure if I understand the stitch...but I'll try it...

Tell Keith his lemon hair definitely needs guyliner!!!