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I'm in NYC in a couple of weeks and I would love it if any of you guys could give me some tips about yarns stores and where in Manhattan there are knitting groups. I know a few but any extra help is welcome.



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Gerard, There is a great


There is a great yarn shop at 208 W. 79th St called Knitty City and they have a men's knit night every Wed. night from 6-8. I always try to cruise in for at least an hour or so whenever I am in town...The owner's name is Pearl and she is a sweetheart. Have fun...I wish I was up in the city this week! - dan -

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thanks for your tips! The

thanks for your tips! The MAD exhibition is top of the list.

If any of you guys are in NYC and feel like a knit let me know...

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The Yarn Company has a good

The Yarn Company has a good selection of yarn and it seems like they always have people just knitting away at their table. The Point Cafe is a place in the Village that seems to have more elbow room for knitting. Purl in Soho, quaint and cute, but not really a place to knit, but they have a lot of swatches of their yarn, so it helps when imagining a object. I hope this helps.

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Gerard, Although I can't


Although I can't recommend any yarn stores to you, I would recommend that you go to the Museum of Arts and Design for the "Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting" show. It's quite wonderful. I believe the museum is at 53rd and 6th ave.


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Hi Gerard nice to see you

Hi Gerard nice to see you again. i really enjoyed meeting you at your store in london i will be back in london on the 12th of march i will drop back into the store i love that organic yarn. Arron

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Gerard I knit


I knit