yarn, the new crack

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Last night I was at a local knit night at another LYS. I used to avoid this one as pretentious and stuffy, too precious and expensive, and then in a stroke of marketing genious, this upber-white, waspy store hired the only black woman working in a PDX LYS. Thank DOG for Terrisa (that is the correct spelling....it's a Quaker spelling, I am told). Now the store rings with laughter and humour, and a bit more champagne during the knit nights. HOWEVER....damn yarn sale. After last weekend's unexpected yarn adventure, I promised myself that I would buy NO MORE. That vow lasted a whopping 5 days: Tahki Donegal tweed at 30% off. How could I possibly resist? I was good boy, though....I only bought $40 worth. (IT'S A MIRACLE!) 2/16/07....15 hats knit thus far... I wish I had thought to photograph them all before I sent them away. Love to you all from misty Portland.


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hahaha -- the start of the

hahaha -- the start of the slippery slope!

I started with the fibre addiction over 20 years ago... I still have boxes of the stuff I bought then! I could never resist any of it either; I'm better now, but one never gets over an addiction. You just need to be so very careful and always under control!

yes... that's me... under control.

Hi Bob, I was in PDX last

Hi Bob,

I was in PDX last weekend and stopped at Knit/Purl to buy some yarn. The staff seemed very nice and I think the husband of one was working and another fellow besides me was shopping. Was this the place?

John F

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It could describe 3

It could describe 3 different PDX yarn stores, but yesm it could describe Knit/Purl.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Bob, Glad that I've only


Glad that I've only found one knit night in Portland and I'm in town part time.....I couldn't afford more than one knit night!

Which LYS was it?


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I got hit at Close Knit for

I got hit at Close Knit for just under $100, and Knit Purl for $48 (although $15 of that was for a commission). I just got bit at Close Knit for $30 (silki-ull at 40% off).

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

In the dictionary, next to

In the dictionary, next to the word Restraint, should be a large, gilt picture of your mug.

The very model of Restraint. I hereby elevate you to that of a Role Model.

~Mike in Tampa (bowing in Obeisance & Awe . . .)
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Math exam question #12: If

Math exam question #12:

If Bob knits a sweater a week every week for the rest of his life using only yarn from his personal stash, will he run out of yarn before he turns 80?

(answer: unlikely)

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...