Can you guys help?

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Ok, I did not join this group for this, just wanted to state that first. So here goes.

I work for AIDS Delaware and it is very cold where we are right now. Many of our clients come into the office dressed improperly for the weather. This is not becasue they do not care but becasue they are usually indegent and cannot afford to get some things that they need. We actually have a food closted and a personal products closet set up for them. For many of our clients who are just out of jail/prison or very poor financially and educationally, we are what keeps them going and we barely do that.

Their immune systems are already compromised and not being able to dress properly for the weather is detriment for them to make appointments and go to get their meds. This would be something to help them stay as healthy as possible.

So, on of my co-workers who is a case manager in our downstate office, knits to help her not smoke. She started knitting scarves and hats for her clients. I have decided to join in on the cause. I am posting this to ask if some of you would be willing to knit just one scarf and/or a hat and send it to the agency so that our clients can attempt to stay warm this winter. We have found a temporary source but as they are a retailer (a mom and pop shop) this cannot last the whole winter.

If anyone is willing to help, you can send me an message for the address to the agency or you can go to our website and get the address from there.




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This sounds great! I love

This sounds great! I love doing things for a good cause and this is certainly a wonderful cause. I recently donated a scarf for donation to veterans through the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.
I just started a scarf last night for some "red hat" orders, but will start one for this donation soon!
Thanks for the great idea!!


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What pattern and yarn are

What pattern and yarn are you using for the Red Hat orders? One of my sister's is thinking about becoming a Red Hat and if so, I wanna be prepared!

- Tom

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ANd Thanks to all who

ANd Thanks to all who donate!

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Knitted donations are to be

Knitted donations are to be sent to:

AIDS Delaware
100 West 10th St, Suite 315
Wilmington, DE 19801

You can send c/o Al Flemming if you desire.

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Where are knitted donations

Where are knitted donations to be sent?


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I'll knit a scarf and start

I'll knit a scarf and start it as soon as I finish the one I'm working on right now. I would imagine others will be happy to knit a scarf for your agency as well.

- Tom