Still Kicking!

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Ok, I know I've been MIA lately and have a lot of email from you guys being concerned about my welfare, thank y'all, and thought I would touch base and let you know what is going on.

Jeff and I have been looking at buying a house here in Dallas, yes ladies and germs we are moving in together, and I think we have found the one we want. Right now I'm awaiting a call from the realtor to see if our offer has been accepted. Yep, we're gonna own our own little piece of the Lone Star State. If that happens y'all are invited to come vist, Yankees included. We'll show you what southern hospitality is all about. A land where the old folks sit on the porch and strum their bayous and the chitlin's bloom in the front yard. (that last sentence was for the Yankees)

I've finally admitted to Jeff that I am a P.O.W. (prisoner of wool) and revealed (some) of my stash to him. He must really like me.. he still wants to move in together. That says a lot about a man!

Hope y'all are doing well and thanks as always,



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glad to hear from you. hope

glad to hear from you. hope to see you monday!

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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The biggest downside to

The biggest downside to living in New England is that the grits trees just don't grow wild like they do back South. Even on the cultivated ones it's damn hard to get a decent crop.

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Damn, you move quick! But

Damn, you move quick! But good for you!

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I once had a potted chitlin.

I once had a potted chitlin. I kept it on my patio here in San Francisco, but the summer cold killed it. They aren't as hardy as I've been told.

Good to see you again Chris. Good luck with the house.

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JPaul, Next time try a


Next time try a grits tree... they are more hardy but a bitch to harvest.

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Lars baby, Just learn to

Lars baby,

Just learn to say "y'all", "fixin' to" and "wrong headed", grab a pic of Troy Aikman for your passport, convert all your cash to confederate and y'all come on down!

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Please note that though you

Please note that though you may not be required to have a passport to enter the American South (much as one is not required to enter Canada) you may need the passport in order to RETURN.

chris - good to "see" you back - Are those tenor bayous? Or the five string hammer-toed bayous?

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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I'm not sure about the

I'm not sure about the instruments. All I know is that they all smile like they have good sense while playing and everyone says Aunt Wilma has a great smile. She does. The prettyest tooth in the county. I hope she leaves it to me it's an honor to have the family tooth!