Ok, chomping at the bit.

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I am new here and to the word of knitting. I have been using a loom (round ones and square made by knifty knitter) for about a month and a half. I have made a 3 hats, a double knit scarf and an iPod bag. This has been fun but while doing the last project, I started to consider using needles. I had tried to do this when I was a kid and was very frustrated because I just could not get the hang of it.

I bit the bullett and decided to just do it anyway. So I went to AC Moore and purchased a butt load of equipment. My partner says I better learn and use it because I spent soooo much money. Not to mention the money I have spent thus far on supplies for the other projects. He is is not complaining too much because I have been very relaxed at home since I started doing this and have only freaked out once becasue I had to start my last hat all over again when my dog got to it. He is enjoying the hat and scarf I knitted for him though, especially since in the northeast here it has been very frigid.

All that to say I am anxious to start with needles. I have been just doing stiches on the needles to try to get the hang of it. Basic knit and purl. Nothing fancy. I learned this from a book! I am very proud of myself for that. I do plan to try to attend a class though. Just got to fit it in somewhere. I am a graphic designer full time and taking class for Flash and I sing too and meet with a friend about once a week to be creative musically.

What would be a good project to start on for a firt time needle user? I thought about a dishcloth or sock or something. I just want to make sure I am doing something and learning and not knitting just to knit. I like knitting, but I am goal oriented and so I would like to see a finished project at the end. Just keeps me motivated. I don't get too upset if it does not turn out right, becasue I realize that I am very green behind the ears on this, but I would like to knit something. Not just a big piece of nothing. Any ideas?



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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the encouragement.

I started a dishcloth/facecloth pattern, last night I threw half of it away out of frustration. I have made too many mistakes for my perfectionist brain to handle. I started again and am doing much better. It is a faily easy patter to follow to start sts 4, k2, yo, k to end of row (repeat until 40 or 50 sts). But when the decreasing started, k1, k2 tog, yo, k2 tog, k to end, repeat until 4 sts on kneedle. Well... the k2 tog was the problem because I had knit many of my sts too tight! I learned a valuable lesson on that. So I started again and am about half way done on the decreases already.

This is really helping me stay calm, especially since I has some pipes crack and start leaking becasue of the frigid weather last night. Urgh... This knitting is my drug. I am a knit addict and this morning when all was starting to settle, I too 15 minutes to knit some more rows and the wonders that worked on my nerves. I am fiening now!


I'll post the results when I am finished. Hopefully Saturday.

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heh-heh-heh! another one

heh-heh-heh! another one hooked...

ahem! I mean to say, yes, knitting can be very relaxing - except of course when something goes wrong! *grin*

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Dive in and have fun. I am

Dive in and have fun. I am almost finished with my very first project, a simple 2x2 ribbed scarf. Just keep plugging away at it and have fun, it'll come to you.


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"tried to do this when I was

"tried to do this when I was a kid and was very frustrated "

Yes, as a kid, doing anything new can be frustrating, but you're a big boy now, so have more patience! Right? LOL

Dishcloths are always good, the yarn is large enough so you can see what you are doing, and they are still useful whether you make a mess or not.

Yes, take a class, or find a knitting group where you live. Watch the videos online. And lots and lots of practice (perfect practice of course!) Bad habits take a lot longer to un-learn.

Make more things for your partner -- it eases the complaining.

A dishcloth or a scarf is a

A dishcloth or a scarf is a good starter. Or you could knit flat rectangles and seam them into wrist cuffs. I had a little trouble learning from a book so I used the videos at http://knittinghelp.com/ to help figure out some stuff.

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Also, most every brand of

Also, most every brand of yarn has a website and offer free patterns. I have printed a bazillion patterns from Lion's website.

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I have only been knitting

I have only been knitting for about 2 years and also taught myself from a book. I loved doing dishclothes, because they were quick and reasonably easy...basic knit and purl with a few slips, twists, increases and decreases. I also tried the Nifty Knitter, but grew bored with it. Keep up the practicing and it will get alot easier.

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You can google on facecloths

You can google on facecloths or dishcloths - there are about umpty gazillion patterns out there. Choose your own level of complexity.

Or try the Irish Hiking Scarf; it has knit, purls, and a simple cable.

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