A-designing we will go...

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So with the upcoming inaugural issue of MenKnit, I decided to jump into the designing game. Strong masculine motif, designed for someone who's very proud of his ancestry. It was a stone bitch to design (and after SIX screwups, it finally works right), and hopefully, it'll be a strong enough submission to make it in. *sigh* Here's hoping. Wish me luck!


OOps, I posted a response to

OOps, I posted a response to this on another post. Sorry.

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Great to hear.  I have also

Great to hear.  I have also finished a design I am submitting.  Hopefully we will all see our work in the issue. 

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Hi there cowboy,Sounds like i

Hi there cowboy,

Sounds like it has been a hard challenge. Good luck with your submission.