Chris V, where are you?

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Anyone seen or talked to Chris lately? I've sent him a few IM's, no reply. I haven't seen him online in about a week. Chris, if you read this, give me a holler! Someone in Dallas go check on him!

Robert in OKC


My best guess is that he's

My best guess is that he's "otherwise occupied" in newly found connubial bliss, the screams of Joy rattling windows even as far away as Tampa . . .

~Mike in Tampa
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he's just always been so

he's just always been so quick to answer things. I haven't seen him on for alike a week. I'm all worried! :-) I've never met the man, and I'm worried! I just imagine him with the flu, huddled on the couch, sneezing, burning up with fever, and having to watch daytime tv or mary kate and ashley movies! Well, I hope he answers soon!


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I'm pretty sure I've seen

I'm pretty sure I've seen him listed in the "online users" this week. Maybe he's just lurking.

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