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Hey guys,
I continental knit. Its okay for big stuff and for felting etc, but I have always had trouble with my tension when doing little stuff. My recent ventures on doing socks have not been pretty. I am a very very loose knitter and they just weren't turning out well at all. I almost always drop a few needle sizes anyway, but you can't get much smaller and a 0 or a 1. Well, anyway, I always wrapped my yarn around my pinkie finger of my left hand. I found that I tended to hold my pinkie out in space a bit, kinda like when you hold a tea cup, so I wan't keeping the yarn tight enough. I began wrapping my yarn around my ring finger and its a million times better. My current sock actually is tight and looks like a sock! If any of you other continental knitters have tension problems, give that a try!


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Also a Continental Knitter

Also a Continental Knitter here who tends to knit on the loose side. I usually go down 2 needle sizes to get my gauge. I run my yarn between my pinkie and ring finger, then up and over the index finger. When I want to get a tighter gauge I'll wrap it around the index finger once, which is what I usually do for socks.

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Likewise - in some

Likewise - in some traditional knitting the yarn goes up and around the back of the neck before to your hand - which also helps with the tensioning.


And, there's another trick

And, there's another trick I've been meaning to try:

In some parts of Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, knitters still use knitting rings. They were very common pre-twentieth century. It's just a chain that you hang around your neck that has a ring on it. Yarn goes up to the ring, through it and down to your left hand. It becomes an instant tensioner and there's no fiddling with your fingers trying to hang on to the stuff.

Hmmmmm, I think I'll buy some link chain and a ring of some kind this weekend and give this a try. Makes perfectly good sense to me. Ah. And there's the rub . . .

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hmmmmmmm.....you'd need a

hmmmmmmm.....you'd need a seperate one for each project, yes? or is it a split ring?