First Scarf

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Here is a pic of my first project. Not the greatest, but I learned quite a bit and I am anxious to keep going.


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My next project, already

My next project, already underway, is another scarf with a simple K3 P1 ribbed pattern (pic to follow). For project #3, I'm contemplating a child's sweater so I can learn the basics of sweater construction. I figured a child size would go together faster than an adult size and may not be as frustrating.

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Your'e doomed now - not only

Your'e doomed now - not only started knitting but you've completed a useable project. Hope to see many more finished objects from your needles...

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Go go go! Time to start

Go go go! Time to start that Irish cabled sweater you've always dreamed about! :-)

You may well get to the point soon where you have two projects going....I usually have three going: a small project (socks, scarf, hat), a sweater, and then the third is something bubbling in the back of my mind trying to make it's way into full blown manifestation (currently, knitted linen curtains).

Jonathan in DC

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Great looking scarf! What's

Great looking scarf! What's your next item?

Keep going and going and going and knitting and knitting and knitting.........practice makes for more practiceand accomplishment!


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Nice job, Stephen! What's

Nice job, Stephen!
What's next?

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Well done! ... I hope you've

Well done!
... I hope you've already started on your next project...