Black Blob is Finished

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Finally, the big black blob of a sweater is complete. I bound off the last of it this morning. There are still a few yarn tails to weave in but that will just have to wait. It took me a good two weeks longer than I thought it would, just because it was soooo boring to work on.

The good news is that it actually looks good and fits well, but never again will I do a huge project in all black. Thank goodness I had a pair of camouflage socks to work on or I would have completely lost my mind.


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It's definitely

It's definitely!

Thanks for the is a top down raglan in the round. The color could be off because my webcam sucks...but I don't usually use it to photograph my kintting!

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A very nice jumper! I see

A very nice jumper! I see it's raglan; did you knit it circular/seamless? I know what you mean about working in black; I gave up on that a long time ago and now substitute very dark blue or dark gray for large areas of black. This jumper looks like it was worth the agony!

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Sweater looks good, but more

Sweater looks good, but more blue then black to me. Probably a combination of the photo and the monitor. The socks don't look shabby either!

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