In the mail....

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These came with the mail yesterday...I found the package laying on my doorstep when I came back from teaching yesterday:

Wollmeise test hanks

Colour details

Colour details

Colour details

All of them are small test hanks in all available colourways from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise! (Okay, actually there are 36 out of 40 colourways there since I have 4 colourways already....but she also put in 3 colourways that aren't on her site)


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their tems and conditions of

their tems and conditions of sale are in pdf format here

They mention overseas sales and shopping, they don't seem to exclude anyplace.

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I like that larger skeins

I like that larger skeins are available in at least one of the yarn lines. And the colours schemes are more to my taste then a lot I see out there.

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beautiful yarn! wow - did

beautiful yarn! wow - did you buy these or were they free? :) - I tried to look at the site for a few seconds this morning but didn't really study it - I'll have to sneak online when I get to work -- YUMMY colors!


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Kyle, yes, I bought these.

Kyle, yes, I bought these. The test hanks costs only EUR 0,50/hank. So, I paid about EUR 20 for all of these.