Happy Birthday to me!

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Hi guys,

My birthday was last month, and I got two books, Knitting w/Balls, which a number of guys have mentioned already, and (the recently released, just arrived in the mail today) "Men Who Knit and the Dogs that Love Them." I haven't had much of a chance to look through the new book yet, but from what I've seen it's going to be a good one. It's nearly 100% sweaters for man and beast alike. Now I love my dogs as much as the next guy loves his dog, but a hand knitted sweater for a dog? For me that would be a little over the top, but different strokes I guess. In the meantime, regarding the patterns for men's sweaters, it would appear there's a wide variety of sweaters covering a whole range of ability levels, which for me means there may be one easy enough for me to knit!



Happy belated birthday,

Happy belated birthday, Peter. You may laugh at hand-knitted dog sweaters, but of all the knitted gifts I've given, none have been appreciated more than a pair of dog sweaters I made for a friend's two toy poodles using this pattern, ( http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/esb-patterns/dog-sweater.html ), which is a great pattern. Also, it was a fantastic stash-busting project. So much so, I'm now making felted dog coats for the same poodles. Otherwise I might have to resort to a stash-buster project like this: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/footsie/footsie.html


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Is it wrong to admit that

Is it wrong to admit that I've made 3 sweaters for my dog in the past year? Well, he's a short haired dachshund, so it only takes a few hours to knock one out. I even went so far as to make a matching one for the bf, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) ran out of yarn. Happy Birthday!

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I still haven't picked up

I still haven't picked up this book yet. I have a house full of Italian Greyhounds and one Pharaoh Hound who actually have a need for sweaters (no body fat and short fine hair with no undercoat). Even when indoors in the winter, the sweaters help keep them warm so I don't have to turn the heat up and pay extra money each month to the utility company! Of course, I'm not much of a sweater knitter but being able to match my dogs' outfits when we go out would be fabulous too!

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Aaron, I was wondering if


I was wondering if you wouldn't be familiar with the title, since I noticed your involvment with rescue on your profile. I'll be curious to know what you think after you've looked through the book. I'm thinking I might have the skill to give the Garter Ridge Strip Pullover a try, but I wouldn't do it in puke green and pink, as it is pictured in the book.


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That is a nice looking

That is a nice looking pullover -- and I agree that different colors would make it much nicer

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When I get it (when, not

When I get it (when, not if!) I will certainlly let you know! Yes, color choices are important, as is the ease with which a doggy garment can be put on and removed. I often opt for things which velcro up the back (usually fleece coats) as I find it difficult to stuff heads and especially those long gangly legs into most sweaters.

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Hi darling --happy birthday

Hi darling --happy birthday to you! You dont' look a day over 29..... Anyway, I have both books as well -- I am doing the bootcut sweater now from "balls" -- the next project will surely be something for my friends dogs -- they have some very cute projects -- and thankfully these aren't big dogs so it wont' take years to finish it! We love our dogs in SF!!!!

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Thanks Lars, The actual BD

Thanks Lars,

The actual BD was last month, but the excitement as renewed a bit when the new book arrived in the mail. I didn't get the book "on time" because it hadn't been released yet.