Open Invitation

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If anyone on here is going to be in or around the Oklahoma City area this weekend a bunch of us guys are driving up from Dallas to ruin the Habana Inn Saturday and would like you to join us.

I'm already looking forward to meeting the guys on here who have said they will be there. Although it will not be all knitting it would be fun to meet y'all.



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Nice picture: You look like

Nice picture: You look like two pure as snow schoolboys on a trip to the local botanical garden to smell the daffodils.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Good lord, don't ruin it TOO

Good lord, don't ruin it TOO much, Chris! The Inn is our only place of refuge when my partner and I fly out to visit my family, and we'd miss it if it were in ruins!

And stay off that Walk of Shame! :-)

Have fun...

Jonathan in DC

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Then trust me Johathan, I

Then trust me Johathan, I shall look for atifacts of you and your partner this weekend. With a bit of skull-duggery I should be able to piece together your crimes.

The easier portion would be to just do the CSI thing and use a floroscope to track the DNA.