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My scarf is coming along nicely and my knitting is really improving. It was all of a sudden a night and day difference. My stitches are nice and even, and I'm having to tink a stitch very rarely now.

As I can only work on it for a couple of hours in the evening, it's naturally taking a while, but my knitting is getting a bit faster too. Right now the scarf is just a tad over 18" long and progressing.

While the first several inches show a lot of mistakes and uneven stitches, it suddenly changes from that to a nice even ribbing and even the edges are nice and even.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of it finally. I'm looking forward to learning other techniques now. I may try to cable on the next scarf. I have some nice light blue yarn and may try to make myself a matching hat and scarf with it. I'm thinking maybe something like a sailor's scarf.

Ah well, that's for later, right now I need to finish this one.


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Thanks for the positive

Thanks for the positive comments guys. I'm already looking at patterns for socks LOL (looks hard to do)


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Glad you are straightening

Glad you are straightening it all out. keep it up, it only gets easier.

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When I was first learning

When I was first learning pottery, the potter I was working for told me that the hardest days (ie, the days most filled with screw ups) are the most productive. I think that must be true of knitting too!

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I think the scarf is an

I think the scarf is an interesting record of my learning progression as it goes from pretty crappy to pretty decent. Granted it's just a simple 2x2 ribbed pattern, but as my first project that was challenging enough LOL


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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"aha!" moments - even when

"aha!" moments - even when you don't realize you are having them until later are great.

it's good to hear you've broken through and are getting comfortable with your knitting.

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hey, great to hear you are

hey, great to hear you are happy with your progress. as with anything, it takes time, patience and practice before it all falls into place. what a great feeling that is. congrats, and can't wait to see your finished item!!

Isn't it great when it

Isn't it great when it finally starts coming together? I suspect your addiction is starting...get out while you can or accept the consequences!!! Great progress, post a pic of your scarf when you get a chance.