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Hi Guys,

Stumbled across this set of sock directions while I was surfing the web the other day, entitled "Socks Knitted For and By a Guy" and posted to in 1996. I wasn't following these directions, but I did find them very helpful as I worked through the pair I was knitting and thought they might be helpful to others.

Jonathan in DC

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I've been reading through a

I've been reading through a lot of stuff about socks and this one, like all of the others, is totally Greek to me. I still have a lot to learn because I don't understand any of it. The parts about the heel baffle me.

I like the idea of knitting them from the toe up.


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Jonathan, I knit my socks


I knit my socks (and other's socks) from the toe up and with the %-based method. No pattern needed, just one number necessary for the formula and they're fast. Plus, ya get to try 'em on as you knit.

~Mike in Tampa
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