Ugh... yarn demons

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I'm going through my shelves, organizing the yarn I have, trying to tidy an take inventory, so I don't buy something like what I already have, and I have a steadily growing mound of what I call "Demons": Yarn that I don't like, won't use, and have no idea how it came to be in my possession. (Sale I couldn't pass up? e-bay lot buys? gifts?) What are you all doing with the monsters in your collection? Should we try an online yarn exchange?



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You know, since this topic

You know, since this topic got posted I have now been looking at a couple of things in my stash and thinking "What the hell did I buy this for and I really ever going to do anything with it?" I'm still coming up with nothing, but I'm also not sure I want to part with it either. I guess I could give it a try.

Our Tuesday night knitting group here in Smallbany sometimes has a yarn swap night where we bring in our unwanteds and leftovers and trade them amongst the group. It's great when you can see and touch the other yarns people offer up to help you decide if it's something you may want for yourself. But I'm sure we could find a way to make an online version work.

Great idea! I have some

Great idea! I have some yarns I bought thinking the yarn would inspire the project and it hasn't happened. All of it is good stuff too. Maybe it would inspire someone els? :) How in the world do we begin to organize this kind of thing?

One man's trash is another

One man's trash is another man's treasure, eh?

I have a huge plastic tub of hideous (think neon) acrylic yarn left over from a long-ago project that required little bits of something like fifty different colors. Acquiring it was kind of fun--I would take the bus somewhere on Sunday afternoons and buy a skein or two at some craft or discount store. This stuff came from all over town. But now I feel bad even turning it into hats for the homeless. It's just that ugly!

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Give the yarn to the

Give the yarn to the homeless so they can knit themselves some new clothes

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while intellectually I can

while intellectually I can see the point of a yarn exchange, or stash reduction; every fiber of my being shudders and shrieks at the thought of disposing in any way of one of my precious scraps of yarn or would be worse then giving away a book. (and I *never* do that - well, only to very good homes with first refusal if they decide to be rid of it)

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I've had a couple of

I've had a couple of boo-boos where I had to ask for yarn back from someone I gifted it to (as long as they hadn't started using it). But there is some yarn that is just SO FAR on the "I won't touch it" and I am not talking acrylic...That crap won't make it through the door unless it is specifically for a commission. I have some expensive ass yarn: a loopy poodle boucle. It feels like god, looks like a candy store exploded all over it: Jewel pink, orange, red, berry, and deep magenta. It makes my eyes scream. (it was part of a lot buy on e-bay) and you couldn't pay me enough to knit with it (that being said, I just now figured out a scarf design for it...) alas...I'm just too creative a spirit.... But there are others that are truly a mistake, I am sure....

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I have tons of little balls

I have tons of little balls all left over from projects and then ugly yarn where like you, I have no idea where or why I picked it up. I've decided that next year for Christmas, I'm going to cover one tree with knitted ornaments. I think I'm goin to use up a lot of my yarn stores on it. EVen if its ugly, it could go into a small sock, sweater, star etc. to hang on a tree. That's my solution for ugly yarn and left overs!

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I have a have a terrible

I have a have a terrible time parting with any of my yarns even if I don't like them very much. I'm a collector. I need yarn therapy! lol Is anyone else like this?

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well, I have been a horder

well, I have been a horder for 18 years, and I am currently looking at 7 of those nasty pressboard bookshelf units that you can get at any home-store.... all FULL of yarn, with more on top. (Not counting the fleece I have to spin.) You get to the point where the ones you do want start crowding out the ones you don't. It's then you want to start finding homes for the orphans.

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Hey, I will go and catalog

Hey, I will go and catalog what I have that I don't like, and approximate value of the yarn. Maybe with photographs... Is there a way we could open a link from this site with inventories or something....maybe a percentage could go to MWK for funding and support?

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Actually, everyone is

Actually, everyone is sending it to me. It's called the poor newbie yarn charity foundation.


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I like the way this man

I like the way this man thinks.


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I LOVE the idea of an online

I LOVE the idea of an online exchange! I'm very much game if you want to do something like that - I have a huge stash that I need to get organized too - maybe you can spearhead this movement and get all our yarn stashes in check - an exchange could be FUN! :)


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I'm glad you like that

I'm glad you like that idea...Guess who's getting the "Erthtones" (spelling on purpose) I'm not using...Happy belated X-mas"

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