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As a gesture of kindness and friendship,I offered to knit something for a friend who's mother died last month. She has requested a "beret". Can any of you men point me in the right direction for finding knitted beret or tam-o'shanter patterns. It seems to me that berets lend themselves more naturally to crochet technique, but I don't crochet, and am not inclined to learn at this time.



Ann Budd's "Knitter's handy

Ann Budd's "Knitter's handy book of patterns" has a tam pattern written for any size, any gauge. hope this helps......

Berets are a great easy

Berets are a great easy project.

I made a couple of berets last year using the pattern generator on this site:


I added a double hem for the brim -- this creates a tube in the brim where you can insert an elastic.
This makes the brims a bit more snug than you can get them with knitted ribbing.

I started out by practicing with some felted berets. The nice thing about felting is that it will hide any holes or mistakes you make in the knitting prcocess.

Sorry, Jack. I just noticed

Sorry, Jack. I just noticed that I missed a pronoun in your post and assumed this was for a guy. So, ignore my masc. references. Look at the patterns cited "as is" since they are all for women.

~Mike in Tampa (who hates being a blond . . .)

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Jack, Here are a few ideas.


Here are a few ideas. As usual, these patterns are geared for women so have kind of a chunky look, but I don't see why you couldn't adapt one of them for a guy by using a finer needle and less syrupy colors. I'm thinking fingering weight tweeds, etc. [NB: When you read this, expand your window so that the full URL addy's appear in toto. One of them is quite long.]

Anyway, check out:

This could be interesting done in a tweed. Check out Cascade's selections.

This one might do the trick sans pompom. No one needs to willingly invite trouble.

Which is more of a tam.

This one warrents a look. Again, done in a tweed on finer weapons than done here could be kinda choice.

~Mike in Tampa
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There are a couple of them

There are a couple of them on this page



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