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hehe. as you gentlemen may have noticed i'm rather new here. when i clicked on the "my blog" button, i figured it would post in some sort of personal blog, not the main page. so i wanted to make a post re-directing to my other blog. however, apparently it posts to the front page. go me and following directions.

well, aside from these ramblings, i updated with a new irish hiking scarf. check it out if you've got the inclination.


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personally, i have never

personally, i have never owned a cable needle. i just sort of leave the next few stitches on the needle, knit the ones afterwards, and then knit the ones before. usually this is not disasterous. i've been meaning to make a proper post with pictures about this.

Nice job! Do you cable with

Nice job!

Do you cable with your fingers or do you use a cable needle? I'm always curious how others do it. Uh, . . . . Cabling, I mean . . .
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Wow, that scarf is very nice

Wow, that scarf is very nice indeed.


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